What We Do

Interior Painting

We paint it; you love it. Allow Magnificent Painting to set you up with a home interior that you will love for years to come. We have a wide variety of color options available for you to choose from, so reach out today to schedule a professional painter in Chesapeake, Virginia or nearby areas.

Custom Floor Painting

Magnificent Painting will provide any room in your home with an unbeatable custom floor paint job. Our colors and coating options are unrivalled and will leave you more than happy with the look of your floors. Call now for custom floor painting services in or near Newport News, VA.

Exterior Painting

A quality exterior painting service not only beautifies your home, but serves to protect it from elements, such as sun exposure and rain. Let Magnificent Painting be the team to help you safeguard and enhance your exterior by setting up services in or near Virginia Beach today.

Wallpaper Removal

We work with speed and diligence when it comes to removing wallpaper from a room in your home. For this reason, we ask that you rely on our team for any of your wallpaper removal needs. Feel free to contact us today for services in Chesapeake or surrounding areas.

Drywall repair

We are committed to providing you with the best drywall repair services imaginable. We are experts with a special eye for, and understanding of, drywall. Be sure to contact our professionals today if you are in need of a drywall repair service in or near Newport News.

Deck Staining

Many people don’t realize what a difference a freshly stained deck can have on the look of your outdoor space. We at Magnificent Painting understand and appreciate this elevated level of aesthetic and would like to provide you with deck staining services in or near Virginia Beach today.